Gallery of Images

Desmond Kenny - CEO of NCBI

Desmond Kenny, CEO of the National Council of the Blind, chats with Eve Patten as Provost Patrick Prendergast arrives at the event. From left to right are Nicholas Grene, Brendan Kennelly, Desmond Kenny, Patrick Prendergast, Eve Patten, and Crawford Gribben.

Seamus Heaney Reads

Seamus Heaney reads the opening lines of Book One.

Dawe and Grene and the text

Professor Gerald Dawe and Professor Nicholas Grene follow the text during the reading of Book One.

Darryl Jones Reads

Professor Darryl Jones reads from Book One as Fiach Mac Conghail, Seamus Heaney, Gerald Dawe, and Nicholas Grene listen.

Patrick Prendergast with Brendan Kennelly and Seamus Heaney

Patrick Prendergast with Brendan Kennelly and Seamus Heaney.

Senator David Norris Reads

Senator David Norris reads the culminating section of Book Four.

Paradise Lost with Illustrations by Blake

Trinity College Library’s rare editions of Paradise Lost were on display during the event. This edition of the epic poem features beautiful illustrations by William Blake. The image shown above is the Expulsion from Eden.

P L Braille ed 1928
NCBI’s Braille edition of Paradise Lost.

First Edition Book One

A first edition of Paradise Lost showing the text of Book One.

Heaney signs the event poster

Seamus Heaney signs the event poster. A limited number of posters signed by all of the read-a-thon participants were auctioned after the event as part of the fundraising effort.

Crawford reads

Dr. Crawford Gribben, co-organizer of the event, at the lectern.

Philip Coleman at the lectern

Dr. Philip Coleman, co-organizer of the event, reads The Argument of Book One.

Declan Treanor at the lectern

Declan Treanor, Director of the Student Disability Service in Trinity College Dublin, at the lectern.


Peter Sirr reads the opening section of Book Five in the College Chapel.

Readers and listeners in the Chapel

Readers and listeners in the College Chapel.


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